Fall 2007

October 4: Introductory Session of Council for the Study of Disability

Room 741, 41-51 East 11th St.
Background and plans for the newly established Council for the Study of Disability.

Please join us in for the following seminars mapping work on disability at NYU sponsored by the newly-created Council for the Study of Disability

Thursdays, 12-2AM
Light lunch will be served

October 18: Screening and discussion: Body & Soul

Body and Soul event promo(Alice Eliott, 40min, 2007)
Location TBA

This extraordinary just-completed documentary by award-winning filmmaker Alice Eliott, follows the lives of Diana Braun & Kathy Conour. Diana who drives, cooks, and shops, has been Kathy’s personal assistant and friend for the past 37 years, has Down syndrome. Kathy, born with cerebral palsy, is non-verbal and uses an electronic speaking device to write and communicate; as a college graduate, she is the brains of this unconventional family. The film invites you to witness their mysterious, intimate, and funny relationship that is suddenly put at risk by an accident. When Medicare investigates them, they decide to do what any of us can, but few of us do; they go to Washington to lobby for change. Alice Eliott (Tisch Film and Television) will talk about the film and the planned campaign to use it to raise awareness and activism, and Welcome Change, an independent documentary production company committed to giving a voice to people and stories that are traditionally not depicted on film and television.

November 1: New Research: Disability and Sexuality

Male being interviewed
19 University Place, Room 222

Don Kulick (Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality/Anthropology) will talk about his research on disability and sexuality in Sweden and Denmark, and Randolph Mowry (Applied Psychology, Steinhardt School of Education) will discuss his work among deaf abused women at a shelter in NYC.

December 13: Interschool Collaboration on Innovation in Assistive Technology

Screenshots from NYU Steinhardt
19 University Place, Room 222

Anita Perr (Occupational Therapy/Steinhardt) and Marianne Petit (Interactive Telecommunications Program/Tisch) will discuss their groundbreaking inter-school course where occupational therapy and other rehabilitation students, along with Tisch artists and designers, collaborate with computer software engineers on innovative assistive technology.

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