Event Recordings

Scrawled notes around portraits of the three speakers and scholars, a moderator, and an ASL interpreter for the event Aesthetics of Access in Dance.

These visual notes are by Jojo Karlin. View more of her work on jojokarlin.com, Twitter, and Instagram

Approved event recordings will be posted on this page after the event concludes and the recording is processed.

Fall 2022

November 17 | A Discussion and Reading of Curating Access: Disability Art Activism and Creative Accommodation: Link to Zoom recording.

Spring 2022

March 25th | Impossible Enterprise: CETA, Ron Whyte, and The National Task Force for Disability and the Arts : Link to Zoom recording.

April 21st | Aesthetics of Access in DanceLink to Zoom recording.

Fall 2021

October 8th | The Cost of Saving a Life – Katherine Standefer and Neta Alexander in Conversation: Link to Zoom recording.

November  5th | Bojana Coklyat, Shannon Finnegan and Thomas Reid Discuss Alt-Text and Audio Description: Link to Zoom recording.

Spring 2021

February 12th | Deafness and Hearing in the History of Science: Link to Zoom recording.

March 5th | Vision Portraits: Link to Zoom recording.

March 12th | Golem Girl: Link to Zoom recording.

April 9th | Joseph Grigely and Emily Watlington in Conversation: Link to Zoom recording.

Fall 2020

September 25th | Judy Heumann in Conversation with Simi Linton: Link to Zoom recording.

October 15th | Disability Visibility at the Intersections: Link to Zoom recording.

November 12th | Disability Justice and the Politics of Inclusive Design: Link to Zoom recording.

December 3rd | Autistic Self-Advocacy, Neurodiversity, and Disability Culture: Link to Zoom recording.

Spring 2020

May 7th | Disability, Documentary, Description: Jordan Lord: Link to Zoom recording.

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