Solidarity with Black Disabled Lives Matter

Image description: An illustration of a raised black fist with an infinity symbol on a yellow background, with Black Disabled Lives Matter to its right in bold black letters.
Special thanks again to Jen White-Johnson for making this freely available!

The NYU Center for Disability Studies expresses solidarity with the Black Lives Matter and Black Disabled Lives Matter movements.

We have signed the Critical Design Lab’s “Statement on Design Commitments to Abolishing White Supremacy” and would like to pass it on to our list.

We also recommend the following guides to Black disability activism, access, and solidarity:

Where to donate: The Black Disability Collective, disability activist Sara Luterman, and autism advocate Jen White-Johnson have compiled a list of organizations that support Black people with disabilities, for those interested in making donations.

More to explore

A patch that reads "Nothing about us without us" and features a white figure in a wheelchair on a black background.

Global Disability Dialogue

Global Disability Dialogue was organized in December 2022 by Miyuki Tanaka, Yan Grenier, and Sasha Kurlenkova, three international disability activists, researchers, and nondisabled

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