Announcing our Summer 2022 Visiting Scholar


The NYU Center for Disability Studies is pleased to announce our Visiting Scholar this Summer, Miyuki Tanaka.

Headshot of Miyuki Tanaka holding a microphone by her mouth while looking at someone or something off camera.

Miyuki Tanaka is an independent curator and producer. She has been working on projects that defy categorization under the theme of “disability as a perspective that redefines the world.” She produces exhibitions, performances, and various projects to rethink the way we view and perceive expressions together with audiences including disabled people. She is working on her doctoral thesis about how accessibility can bring out autonomy, creativity, and imagination of visually impaired people through analysis of the information processing and spatio-temporal cognition of visually impaired users of accessibility. With the support of a fellowship from the Asian Cultural Council, she is researching accessibility and audience engagement strategies of museums, theaters and cultural institutions in New York and the United States. More information can be found at her website.

More to explore

A patch that reads "Nothing about us without us" and features a white figure in a wheelchair on a black background.

Global Disability Dialogue

Global Disability Dialogue was organized in December 2022 by Miyuki Tanaka, Yan Grenier, and Sasha Kurlenkova, three international disability activists, researchers, and nondisabled

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